How to connect the Solar Panel to your Pan & Tilt Camera?

If the solar panel fails to charge the Pan & Tilt Camera, please check the connection between the camera and the solar panel.

You can connect the camera to the solar panel by following the instructions below:

① Open the rubber plug on the back of the camera.

② Separate the waterproof silicone port-protector of the solar panel cable.

③ Insert the cable of the solar charger to the Micro USB port of the camera.

④ Cover the waterproof silicone port-protector of the charging port. The silicon surface of the solar charger is flat with the camera surface.



1. The charging performance of the Solar Panel depends on the local weather. Please make sure the Solar Panel can receive direct sunlight for several hours a day.

2. Please make sure the USB connector is fully plugged into the camera. Please note that there will be no gap if they connect properly, and their surface is flat.

3. Please make sure the waterproof silicone port-protector and other accessories can protect the connectors on your camera.