What is a vehicle mark?

This is a paid feature, and you need to purchase the Awareness service to use it.

After you purchase the Awareness service, the AI recognition feature can mark the recognized vehicle as a known vehicle, and this info will be updated to the push content.

How to set up a vehicle mark?

First, please make sure that the same vehicle is detected by your camera at least 20 times so that the camera can recognize your vehicle. Generally speaking, the camera can detect it for 2-3 days to find your vehicle. Please note that your vehicle can be seen clearly by the camera.


Second, when the camera recognizes that the same vehicle has appeared multiple times, the app will pop up a prompt to ask for confirmation. If you choose yes, the camera will mark it.


Third, you can tap the App “User” icon->tap Intelligent Service Assistant to click the Vehicle mark to add/edit/delete the recognized vehicle. Please note that you can mark 5 vehicles at most.


Last, you can choose to receive the notification of your marked vehicle or not. You can tap the camera “setting” icon to enter Notification Setting ->tap Push notifications of marked and unmarked vehicles>> to enter Vehicle Notification. On this page, you can turn on or turn off the notification of marked and unmarked vehicles. If you turn on the Marked vehicle, the camera detects its movement, you will receive the following notifications: A marked vehicle is approaching, A marked vehicle is parked, A marked vehicle is leaving. If you turn on the Unmarked vehicle, then you will receive the following notifications: A vehicle is approaching, A vehicle is parked, A vehicle is leaving.


If you have any questions, please send us feedback for further assistance.