Why can’t I access the live stream?

When the camera is added successfully, you can see the camera on the homepage of the App. Next, you can tap the arrow button to view the live stream of the camera. The following reasons may lead to the failure to open the live feed of the camera, please check one by one.

The camera disconnects from Wi-Fi or the camera’s Wi-Fi connection is unstable

The router does not work

Please check whether the router is working. You can judge by checking whether other devices (such as mobile phones) can connect to the Wi-Fi and can access the Internet. If this router is indeed not working, please make sure it works first.

The Wi-Fi signal is unstable

Please move the camera as close to the router as possible. If possible, please boost the signal strength of your router.

You can try restarting the router.

You can try connecting the camera to another Wi-Fi or another phone’s hotspot.

The mobile phone cannot access the Internet or its network connection is unstable

Please make sure that your phone can access the Internet.

Please make sure that the mobile phone has enabled the network permission for the APP.

You can try to access the live stream again after pulling down on the APP homepage to refresh the device list.

You can try to access the live stream when the phone’s Wi-Fi connection is good.

You can try to connect another Wi-Fi to your phone or switch to a mobile network to access the live stream again.

You can try to access the live stream again on another phone.

Camera is off

Please confirm whether the camera is turned on, if not, please long-press the power button to turn it on. If the camera cannot be turned on, please confirm whether the camera has battery power. If the camera is out of power, please use a 5V/1.5A charger to charge the camera before turning it on.

Other possible solutions

Restart the camera.

Readd the camera.

If you still cannot access the live stream, please submit feedback for technical support.