Why does the image/picture look blurry?

The following factors may lead to blurry image/picture. Please check them one by one.

  1. Please make sure the protective film on the camera lens is removed.
  2. Please make sure the camera lens surface is clean, is not covered by any object, and is not scratched or worn.
  3. When the camera’s network connection is poor, the image quality may be affected. In SD mode (720p), the image/picture is more blurred than in HD mode (1080p). 
  • To get a clearer live image, you can tap the “full screen” icon in the bottom right corner of the live window > tap “SD” and change it to “HD”.
  • To get a clearer playback/recording image, you can tap the camera “setting” icon > tap Motion Detection > tap “Resolution” > Select “HD”.

Please note that HD will use more network data (bandwidth) and will consume more battery power.

  1. If the camera falls from a height, the imaging components may get damaged. If the camera malfunctions due to a hardware issue, please contact the seller directly.