Solar Panel for iTronCAM

  • ✔ COMPATIBLE – iTronCAM  – Camera Battery will be kept charged at all times.
  • ✔ VERSATILE MOUNTING – 360 degree wall mount allows you to easily position your solar panel in the best direction, ensuring maximum sunlight exposure. Includes 4m/3.1FT cable
  • ✔ WEATHERPROOF DESIGN – PVC design micro-USB head expands slightly when inserted into the opening of the camera to effectively sealing it from moisture.
  • ✔ EFFICIENT SOLAR CELLS – Made of efficient solar cells, the solar panel charges your camera quickly even in low-light conditions.


Panel Type Mono
Maximum Power(Wp) 5W
Maximum Power Voltage(V) 6V(+5%)
Maximum Power Current(A) 500mA(+5%)
Open Circuit Voltage(V) 6.6V(+3%)
Short Circuit Current(A) 520mA(+3%)
Number of Cells 12
Size of module(mm) 209*193*16mm(+/-0.2mm)
Maximum System Voltage(V) 600V
Temperature Range -400C~+850C
Colour White
Size EVA
Back(PET) 0.2mm PET
Cell Efficiency(%) >19.6%
Output Tolerance(%) +3%